The word salvation means "deliverance" and, in Christian terms, signifies deliverance from the power and guilt of sin that everyone is under apart from the gospel.

The gospel message is the good news that God has punished His own Son as a substitute for sinners and has raised Him from the dead.

Therefore, God is able to forgive any sinner, based on Christ's death, who will believe in Jesus for salvation without compromising His justice.

Hence, salvation is not accomplished by the works of sinners at all, but is by grace through faith in Jesus unto the glory of God. 

This is what makes the Christian faith distinctive: It teaches that God saves sinners instead of sinners saving themselves.

If you have never been delivered, I urge you to turn away from performing works in order to merit God's favor and instead look to the crosswork of Jesus Christ alone.

I urge you to be saved through believing the gospel message.